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Cosmetic Laser Treatments

Sun Damage is treated with the state of the art LIMELIGHT system.  For beautiful before and after pictures please go to

Treatments take about 30 minutes for a full face, for example. Spot treatments are also available. We can treat any area with no topical anesthetic necessary.  Usually 3-4 treatments are needed to reach a desired final result and are done every four weeks.

LASER GENESIS treats overall redness and stimulates collagen and elastin repair and production.  Improves the texture and overall appearance of the skin. Treatment takes about one hour.

LIMELIGHT and LASER GENESIS can be done during the same visit.  3-6 treatments are recommended for LASER GENESIS and are done every six weeks. 

Vascular treatments remove spider veins, capillaries and angiomas.  Usually 1-2 treatments are sufficient.

Free consults are recommended where pricing and specials are discussed.   Pricing can vary based on actual size of area treated.




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