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Mary M. Kern,LA, LMT, CLS, Cindy Lichtenhahn, LMT, LET-II, Dawn Vezie, LMT


What is the "DermaSweep" microdermabrasion advantage?

DermaSweep has reinvented microdermabrasion with a system that is fully customizable to treat everyone, even those with the most fragile skin.  Using vacuum and a variety of brush tips, as well as a continual flow application of any number of agents, such as Vitamin C, Salicylic Acid, Glycolic, etc. simultaneously to effectively boost the therapeutic impact of agents.  Well tolerated and useful to treat a variety of problems from acne to sun damaged skin. This state of the art system allows us to get better results, in a shorter period of time. When combined with other modalities we can provide the most inclusive skin care programs available.  

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