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Mary M. Kern,LA, LMT, CLS, Cindy Lichtenhahn, LMT, LET-II, Dawn Vezie, LMT

Massage Services & Rates

Investing in massage and skin care is an investment in your health.
Massages are customized to the individual.  Choices include the ability to focus on a particular area, for the time desired, or a full body massage with an emphasis on a problem area.  Clients are always draped with either a sheet or a blanket, with therapist uncovering only the area being massaged.  Private areas of the body are never massaged by Professional Massage Therapists.  On a rare occasion, the stomach or abdomen may need to be touched for specific work, but only with the client's understanding of the purpose and with the permission of the client. 
We also treat TMJ/migraines with a 40 minute massage $55
Couples Massage$200 / 90 minutes
Couples Massage$175 / 60 minutes
Deep Tissue Massage$45 / 30 minutes
Deep Tissue Massage$75 / 60 minutes
Deep Tissue Massage$90 / 90 minutes
Hot Stone Therapy$90 / 60 minutes
Hot Stone Therapy$90 / 60 minutes
Lymph Drainage$70 / 60 minutes
Lymphatic Massage$70 / 60 minutes
Myofascial Release$70 / 60 minutes
Pre-Natal/Pregnancy Massage$70 / 60 minutes
Therapeutic Massage$90-100 / 90 minutes
Therapeutic Massage$70-$75 / 60 minutes
Therapeutic Massage$45 / 30 minutes
Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
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