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Benefits and Rates of Professional Skin Care


Our skin is the largest organ of our body.  It protects us and reflects our inner and outer health.  The one part of our body that we see every day is our face.  It can be drastically affected by lack of sleep, yo-yo dieting, medications, harsh or non-existent quality skin care product use, or simply over-indulgence and/or eating and drinking things that are not the best for our bodies. Salty foods or alcohol, for example, can cause puffy eyes, lack-luster and dehydrated skin.  We tend to be very hard on ourselves and if we see negative changes on our faces, whether temporary or permanent, it can affect our over-all self-esteem and opinions of ourselves.  

One sure way to achieve healthier skin is with professional facials, daily home care products that are appropriate for your skin type, and a healthy diet. A good, gentle wash, perhaps a toner or astringent, and a good moisturizer/sunscreen are the most important basics. You don't have to spend a fortune on quality products....just don't throw away good money on "made for the masses with inexpensive ingredients" products. With quality products you can actually use less and get better results more quickly. A good aesthetician is trained to help you choose the best products for your particular skin type.

In Colorado, our biggest problems lie with skin that is dry or dehydrated and/or sun damaged after years of outdoor activities.  With our arid climate and high altitude sunshine, our active lifestyles can really take their toll on the skin.  It is wise to remember that "a good tan" may make you feel like you look healthy, but it is actually your skin saying "I'm damaged and this will come back to haunt you".  Years of neglect and abuse by the sun diminishes collagen and elastin and once they are gone, they cannot be replaced.

Men and women can benefit from regular facials.  Men experience the same effects of aging that women do, and irritation can be exacerbated by shaving.  Men in the last few years are more willing to incorporate a simple cleansing/ moisturizing and sun screen regime into their daily lives.  It's worth it now that we are living longer and are far more active than a few decades ago. 

In our 20's our healthy skin replaces skin cells every 28 days.  As we age, it takes longer to replace cells and for each decade it can add 10 additional days for replacement of older cells. A monthly facial helps remove dead cells on the surface, which allows for better product penetration, as well as stimulating new cells.  Treatments like peels, when not used in excess, can also help in these areas as well as with sun damage and fine lines. By nourishing the new cells with appropriate products, we can maintain healthy, glowing skin.

Acne skin can require more frequent facials since the skin is usually  sensitive and going through constant change. Heredity, hormones and diet can play a significant role in the overall health of the skin. We all have low levels of bacteria in our skin.  With acneic skin, additional oil is produced in the follicles. When this happens, the bacteria feeds on the additional oil and the once healthy level of bacteria rises.  The body then perceives that there is an infection and will send white blood cells to the rescue.  This, in turn, creates pustules and sometimes cysts. Some people, due to heredity, have weaker cell walls that can easily rupture and affect adjoining cells. This is what causes numerous, or very large pustules or cysts.

Dermatologists have a tendency to over-dry acneic skin with harsh topical prescriptions and soaps, which can create a whole different set of problems for the client.  Prescription products, especially anti-biotics, can be beneficial, but excessive use of topical medications can cause extreme dryness or irritation.  In cases such as this, I usually suggest that my clients use the topical prescriptions less frequently until their skin is less red and irritated. I do have gentle cleansers available that can be used in conjunction with harsher products to reach a "happy medium" for the skin.  In an acne facial, I will thoroughly cleanse the skin, use an exfoliating masque to remove the "sticky" dead skin cells related to acne, do extractions of pustules and/or blackheads using gentle pressure, and then apply a calming/soothing final masque.  In many cases I will also use a "high-frequency" light, after extractions,  which is painless and kills excessive bacteria in the skin.  This treatment helps to "dry up" existing blemishes and helps with the overall health of the skin.  The skin is then hydrated with an oil free moisturizer. 

While a healthy diet, water consumption, stress management, exercise, and sunscreen are vital to healthy skin, professional treatments are important for stimulating, balancing, toning and hydrating your skin.  Monthly facials can keep you looking your best and shows that you truly have a "healthy glow" to your complexion.  Member of Associated Skin Care Professionals

Rates- Complimentary consults are available!

Customized Deep Cleansing & Hydrating Facial  60 min/$70

Designed to exfoliate and deeply hydrate the skin. Includes facial massage techniques that flush toxins, while rejuvenating and stimulating tired and undernourished skin.  Relaxing and therapeutic.

Anti-Aging Facial     60 min/$80

This facial can include derma-blading with a mild glycolic or lactic peel to exfoliate the skin at a deeper level.  Includes additional customised product application nourishing essential oils that are designed to replenish and improve skin texture. Ultra-sonic extractions.  Massage of the face, scalp and upper shoulders included.

Acne Facial with High Frequency   60 min/$75

Specifically for the needs of those with mild to moderate acne symptoms.  Designed to gently cleanse and calm irritated skin while using an anti-bacterial high frequency light treatment that focuses directly on existing blemishes.

Customized Facial w/Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage 90 min/$120+

Mini Facial with Full Body Massage   90 min/$120

Hydrating Facial with Full Body Massage 120 min/$130

Customized Peels with Derma-Blading    60 min/$70

Based on individual client skin needs.  Blends of lactic, glycolic and salicylic acids applied after Dermablading for deeper absorption.  Removes dulling surface cells, helps clear acne prone complexions and eliminates blockages from clogged pores.

Professional brow/lash tinting, waxing of brows, face and select body areas also available.  Call for pricing.

Brow or lash tinting    $15 per  area

Face and Body Treatments

Age defying Bio-Therapeutic Micro-Current Facial 60-90 min/$75

The Bio-Therapeutic benefits include the diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by strengthening the muscles of the face, as well as introducing products at a deeper level, using FDA approved technology.

*Smoother, firmer skin  *Improved circulation   *Hydrated and revitalized skin  * Improved elasticity  *Improved facial contours

DermaSweep Micro-Dermabrasion:

      - Without infusion   30 min/$90  (Series discounts for 5)

      - With Infusion      45 min/$125 and up (Series discounts for 5)

       -With more aggressive peel  Varies and in addition to pricing above.

DermaSweep is the latest system in providing an advanced exfoliation with the added benefit of medical grade products that are directly "infused" into the skin.  These products range from Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, etc., to Stem Cells.  Comfortable treatment that gives immediate improvement to the skin.

Peels are also available to boost the exfoliating properties, or to address specific issues, such as acne or sun damage.  Mild to moderate down time is possible with the peel/microdermabrasion combination.

Micro-Needling - full face   First treatment includes two stem cell products that must be used for treatment aftercare. Product will usually last through series of treatments needed.  (note: price varies on size of area, this price is for full face.

First treatment   60 min/$500 (Includes home care productthat lasts through the series)

Subsequent treatments  45 min/$300

This treatment is wonderful for wrinkles, acne scarring, and for those dreaded lines around the mouth.  Specific problem areas or larger areas can be treated.  A 1-3 day down time may be possible depending on the level of treatment.  Comfortable process, topical anesthetic included in pricing, that gives great results!.  Recommend a series of 3-5 treatments depending on severity of scarring, fine lines, etc.  

Exfoliating and hydrating Body Wraps which include Swedish Massage. $110


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